As one of Melaka's leading distributors in disposable medical products, LeadMed
Sdn Bhd. expressed their appreciation to all Hospital Melaka frontliners by directly
handing over a donation of Covid Test Kits to the staff of Hospital Melaka.
Through the Corporate Social Responsibility Programme on 23 February 2022, a
donation of 520 Covid Test Kits were donated to hospital staff to be used in battling
Covid-19 cases.
The parties involved in the submission were Hospital Melaka Public Relations Officer
Mr. Faisal bin Sarwan and LeadMed Business Development Consultant Mr Faizal
Nor Izham.
In a statement, Leadmed Director Datin Nor Azian Abdul Samad said that the Covid-
19 pandemic has been challenging and has put significant pressure on the nation's
healthcare system.
''Nevertheless, our healthcare workers continue to devote their time and energy to
contain this pandemic,'' she said. ''We are humbled by their immense sacrifice,
invaluable dedication, commitment and unwavering efforts in managing COVID-19,
oftentimes risking their own lives, for the benefit of the nation.
''We hope that our contribution would ease the frontliners as well as show continuous
support to Hospital Melaka. Together, we will win this battle against COVID-19.''

29 Apr 2022